Child of God (feelslike_2day) wrote in chixflix,
Child of God

how it all began...

So my roommate and I decided we wanted to watch a Girlie movie this afternoon, not ocming up with anything we decided to go a hunting online...sure we found a few places where there was listings, but we'd either seen all of those or they were really old.

So I turned to Lj...only to find that *GASP* there was no girlie movie community...So poof, here is one!

Feel free to post about your fave flicks and where (if possible) one can find them online!

i'm going to start a post where everyone can reply and we can compile a masterlist of the girliest movies, so when you get that urge (or if its all you really watch, like me) you'll know where to go!

so, in short, hoping this community becomes happy and fun!

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