Child of God (feelslike_2day) wrote in chixflix,
Child of God

master list updated!

Hey all,
I've just done a HUGE edit to our ULTIMATE CHICK FLICK has ten bazillion new entries (ok, so i may exaggerate a bit)...anyway click the tag to check it out...

some new additions include:

Because I Said So
Down To You
He's just not that into you
Love Happens
My Life In Ruins
Post Grad
Sixteen Candles

....and a plethora more!

Also, I plan on adding IMDB links to the list but I would like to have some sort of rating so that when you go looking for a movie you can get that idea of 'is it any good?'.

Any ideas on how we can do this?
Tags: ultimate chick flick list: new additions

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