June 11th, 2011

nightmare life

Saturday Night Chick Flick Theme!

Again with the lateness. Gotta set a reminder in my phone or something!

This week I chose to focus on Chick Flicks that were "old-school". The clothes and various items in these movies (think phones, cars, interior decorating) are bound to make you cringe but the movies themselves will still be good for laughter, fun and occasionally tears and complete ridiculosity (yes i made that word up).

There was really quite a few to think about, so I narrowed it down to being 2000 or older. So, go laugh, cry, cringe...enjoy!

Pretty in pink
Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion
Runaway Bride
While You Were Sleeping
There's Something About Mary
Sixteen Candles
Pretty Woman
Object of my Affection
My Girl I, II
Message in a Bottle
Hope Floats
Father of the Bride I, II
Erin Brockovich
Down to You
The Breakfast Club
Charlie's Angels