Child of God (feelslike_2day) wrote in chixflix,
Child of God

updated chick flicks list!

Hey all, just letting you know i've compiled the ultimate chick flick list from your comments and added on a few more- so go check it out!

  • Favourite Chick Flicks!

    Alright, here it is, everyone post your fave flick in the comments and soon we'll have the master list of Chick Flicks! so i've been compiling and…

  • Saturday Night Chick Flick Theme!

    Again with the lateness. Gotta set a reminder in my phone or something! This week I chose to focus on Chick Flicks that were "old-school". The…

  • Saturday Night Chick Flick Theme!

    I TOTALLY spaced about this week's theme, I was watching the hockey game (Go Canucks Go!) and then got caught up in We Are Marshall, which was on…

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