Child of God (feelslike_2day) wrote in chixflix,
Child of God

Chick Flicks for the Holidays!

(watch for the linkage!)

So I admit, I'm a bit of a scrooge this year...not too much in the mood for Christmas, but over te past couple weeks I've watched a few good Christmas Chick Flicks...

My roommate and I rented The Perfect Holiday- we actually thought it was another movie but turns out the trailer we'd found was named wrong....anyway, this movie with Gabrielle Union & the very attractive Morris Chestnut, not to mention a few surprising appearances from Queen Latifah, is a definitely adorable chick flick for Christmas- watch it with your girlfriends for an awww or two or watch it with littler kids...suitable for both :)

Speaking of Queen Latifah- the roomie was aghast that I'd never seen 'Last Holiday'-A really cute and funny movie with Queen Latifah!

and then we found 'This Christmas'- while babysitting- this is what we thought we were getting when we rented The Perfect Holiday.... We spent the entire movie going 'who is THAT?' because of the star studded cast, but it was a funny, dramatic movie about a family that hasn't had a proper Christmas together in 4 years. Also, Chris Brown sings!

and if you're not at all in the mood for something Christmas-y check out Bonneville

Happy Chick Flick Watching!
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