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Saturday Night Chick Flick Theme!

Again with the lateness. Gotta set a reminder in my phone or something!

This week I chose to focus on Chick Flicks that were "old-school". The clothes and various items in these movies (think phones, cars, interior decorating) are bound to make you cringe but the movies themselves will still be good for laughter, fun and occasionally tears and complete ridiculosity (yes i made that word up).

There was really quite a few to think about, so I narrowed it down to being 2000 or older. So, go laugh, cry, cringe...enjoy!

Pretty in pink
Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion
Runaway Bride
While You Were Sleeping
There's Something About Mary
Sixteen Candles
Pretty Woman
Object of my Affection
My Girl I, II
Message in a Bottle
Hope Floats
Father of the Bride I, II
Erin Brockovich
Down to You
The Breakfast Club
Charlie's Angels
Men Suck sir!

Saturday Night Chick Flick Theme!

I TOTALLY spaced about this week's theme, I was watching the hockey game (Go Canucks Go!) and then got caught up in We Are Marshall, which was on afterwards.

So if you were looking for one, my apologies. Here it is, a day late.

This week's theme is movies that focus on SISTERS.

My picks are:

My Sister's Keeper
Material Girls
From Prada to Nada
Ever After
Pride and Prejudice
Somethings Gotta Give
The Wedding Date

and some Sorority Sisters:
Legally Blonde I and II
Sorority Wars

Saturday Night Chick Flick Theme!

Hey all, thought I'd try something new.

Don't know what to watch on that Saturday night in? Looking for a good Chick Flick?

I'm going to try to start posting a THEMED Chick Flick recommendation post on Saturdays. Feel free to add theme suggestions in the comments of this post!

Don't feel you have to follow the theme, you can always refer to the Ultimate Chick Flick list, just click on the "ultimate chick flick list" tag!

Tonight's theme is Chick Flicks with a Sorority/Fraternity

Sorority Wars
Legally Blonde
Sydney White

Hope you like my suggestions, feel free to add your own in comments. happy chick flick watching!

master list updated!

Hey all,
I've just done a HUGE edit to our ULTIMATE CHICK FLICK has ten bazillion new entries (ok, so i may exaggerate a bit)...anyway click the tag to check it out...

some new additions include:

Because I Said So
Down To You
He's just not that into you
Love Happens
My Life In Ruins
Post Grad
Sixteen Candles

....and a plethora more!

Also, I plan on adding IMDB links to the list but I would like to have some sort of rating so that when you go looking for a movie you can get that idea of 'is it any good?'.

Any ideas on how we can do this?

Chick Flicks for the Holidays!

(watch for the linkage!)

So I admit, I'm a bit of a scrooge this year...not too much in the mood for Christmas, but over te past couple weeks I've watched a few good Christmas Chick Flicks...

My roommate and I rented The Perfect Holiday- we actually thought it was another movie but turns out the trailer we'd found was named wrong....anyway, this movie with Gabrielle Union & the very attractive Morris Chestnut, not to mention a few surprising appearances from Queen Latifah, is a definitely adorable chick flick for Christmas- watch it with your girlfriends for an awww or two or watch it with littler kids...suitable for both :)

Speaking of Queen Latifah- the roomie was aghast that I'd never seen 'Last Holiday'-A really cute and funny movie with Queen Latifah!

and then we found 'This Christmas'- while babysitting- this is what we thought we were getting when we rented The Perfect Holiday.... We spent the entire movie going 'who is THAT?' because of the star studded cast, but it was a funny, dramatic movie about a family that hasn't had a proper Christmas together in 4 years. Also, Chris Brown sings!

and if you're not at all in the mood for something Christmas-y check out Bonneville

Happy Chick Flick Watching!

how it all began...

So my roommate and I decided we wanted to watch a Girlie movie this afternoon, not ocming up with anything we decided to go a hunting online...sure we found a few places where there was listings, but we'd either seen all of those or they were really old.

So I turned to Lj...only to find that *GASP* there was no girlie movie community...So poof, here is one!

Feel free to post about your fave flicks and where (if possible) one can find them online!

i'm going to start a post where everyone can reply and we can compile a masterlist of the girliest movies, so when you get that urge (or if its all you really watch, like me) you'll know where to go!

so, in short, hoping this community becomes happy and fun!